2017 Show Information

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Belgard Gardens is a beautiful way to welcome spring. Stroll through 15 gorgeous landscapes, inviting outdoor kitchens, comfy courtyards, loads of colorful blooms and wonderful waterscapes. The gardens and designer rooms are created by hundreds of talented men and women and are designed to inspire, inform and delight.

Garden Rendering

Ikebana Charlotte Chapter #49

Experience ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arranging.  The ikebana feature has been bringing the beauty of simple living flower design to the show for 55 years.  Don’t miss this disciplined and unique form of art in which nature and humanity are brought together. 

Ikebana is located in Freedom Hall.

Garden Rendering

The Best of Bonsai from the Bonsai Society of the Carolinas

See the best bonsai from the Carolinas in stunning displays and meet masters of bonsai.  Watch daily impromptu demonstrations that take you from selecting specimens, to styling techniques and on to care, maintenance and more.
Bonsai is located in Freedom Hall.