BBC Expressions

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2009 Waterbury Lane
Waxhaw, NC 28173

Is it furniture? Is it art?

Actually, it’s both. Innovative. Original. Exclusive.

Art and furniture from the studio of BBC Expressions combine to make a home décor statement like no other. Featuring a proprietary acrylic paint technique protected by an epoxy covering, each of our decorative tables is unique. Some are bold and dramatic; others, tranquil and contemplative. What they all have in common is the soul of a visionary artist. We have on our staff a master craftsman who fashions hardwood legs to complete the stunning ensemble. But don’t restrict your imagination to furniture—these creations are flexible enough to be displayed on the walls of your home. Either way, our pieces show not just the expression of the artist; they reflect yours, too. About the artist Billie Colley draws inspiration from a fascinating background. You’ll see hints of her native Turkey in her work, from the bustle of the Bosphorus to the serenity of the Mediterranean. The colors of nature heavily influence her, and she mixes colors to extraordinary effect. Working for the renowned Colefax & Fairfax interior design firm in London, England, Billie discovered her affinity for color and design, which later influenced her career as an award-winning architect.

Her latest venture brings together an architect’s love of form and an artist’s passion for color to create one-of-a-kind expressions. [Call to action: However it will work in layout form]: Email address 704-256-4000