Fairway Green

Fairway Green
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Fairway Green is a locally owned and operated company. We have served North Carolina with award winning lawn and shrub care since 1989. Fairway Green’s lawn care programs consist of planned comprehensive scheduled visits to your property based on current climatic conditions, your individual needs, and budget. All products are applied in the proper amounts at the correct times. From early spring to winter, your lawn will be carefully serviced and inspected by a licensed Fairway Green technician.

We are proud to participate in the “Know Your Ecological Address” campaign created by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Homeowners need to know their impact on their River Basin and watersheds. Proper disposal of oil and other household materials is critical. Your actions do impact the health and beauty of our river basin. To find out more, contact your local library or the Environmental Education Center.

Advantages of Fairway Green Service
  • Results. Peace of mind knowing a professional is taking care of your lawn or landscape needs with guaranteed results. Fairway Green will return at no additional charge between applications if you have any concerns about your prior application.
  • Products. Fairway Green utilizes the highest quality EPA approved products which gives you the most effective applications possible. Fairway Green also utilizes one of the best organic turf programs in the industry.
  • Technicians. While the state requires only one licensed individual at a company, all Fairway Green’s technicians are licensed through the North Carolina Department of Agriculture to apply materials on your lawn. This ensures Fairway Green will provide the correct and safest applications possible to give you a beautiful lawn and landscape.